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    Real Estate, Construction and Development

    Cyprus is home to a bustling construction and development industry, which in turn makes for habitual litigation of construction disputes before the Cypriot courts or before arbitrators. Ioannides Demetriou LLC is at the forefront of developments in the field of construction law.

    We advise some of the largest contractors and developers on the island and will regularly be involved in the largest construction and development projects on the island. Both the Federation of Associations of Building Contractors and the Architects Association of Cyprus trust this firm to advise them on matters ranging from the standard form contracts that the industry uses to matters of corporate governance and internal regulation. The firm is held in the highest regard by many of the most prominent construction professionals on the island such as contractors, developers, architects and quantity surveyors.

    Construction cases are notoriously infamous for being complex and difficult to litigate or to arbitrate. The multitude of documentary evidence coupled with both witnesses of fact and pivotal expert evidence make for cases that require special handling if they are to be litigated with success. We have successfully litigated hundreds of such cases, both in relation to private as well as public contracts of all sorts. We are also keenly aware of the inextricable relationship between construction law and arbitration. For us the two, walk hand in hand, as is so often the case.

    Disputes in construction law are often disputes that can be seen fermenting. Many clients are either fully aware or have a strong inclination that a project will involve or culminate in a claim even while the project is still live. In such instances our clients routinely call upon us to advise them on how to strategically navigate and administer the contract itself, either in order to avoid an avoidable dispute or to prepare for an unavoidable one.

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