Ioannides Demetriou is a meritocracy. This means that we are constantly on the lookout not only for experienced and accomplished lawyers but also for young legal talent that we can take on board and nurture. We value talent but we also value potential.

At Ioannides Demetriou we:

1. will judge you based solely on the quality of your work

2. believe that success walks hand in hand with taking on responsibility and therefore our recruiting vision is to attract the most promising talent, hone it and give it all the tools a lawyer needs so that one can practice effectively and successfully.

3. have established a system, which measures success with transparent and tangible markers and criteria rather than personal opinion. This allows us to reward hard work and success fairly and truly.

4. give responsibility to experienced lawyers based on their capability and track record and merge young lawyers in teams headed by a more senior lawyer until they can lead a team in their own right. This is the objective.

If the above values strike a chord
with you, let’s talk.

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