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    Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

    We have a long heritage in arbitration and dispute resolution. We have in our ranks partners who, many decades ago, were instrumental in bringing arbitration and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators to Cyprus. In fact, one of our founding partners is the only legally qualified Chartered Arbitrator in Cyprus.

    We regularly act, both as arbitrators and as counsel, in international arbitrations both in Cyprus and abroad. Domestically, we have been involved in the largest and most complex arbitrations on the island and we routinely represent international clients in arbitral enforcement proceedings before the Cypriot courts.

    Whether acting as arbitrators or as counsel we are at all times astutely aware of our client’s needs. As arbitrators we know that that a streamlined and speedy procedure is of paramount importance. But most of all we know that those who entrust us to arbitrate their disputes need an award that the Courts, both in Cyprus and abroad, will have no qualms about enforcing. When acting as counsel, our expertise and experience allows us to provide effective representation not only before the arbitral tribunal but also before the courts in conjunction with the arbitral process, as is often required.

    In viewing dispute resolution as a broader field than what it is normally thought to be, we have not underestimated the importance of the so called “soft skills”. In our ranks we have able negotiators who use this avenue to resolve disputes that would have otherwise ended up before an arbitral tribunal or a court. In this context, we have invested in training a number of our lawyers as Accredited Mediators in commercial and financial disputes. This collection of the different skillsets is in essence the means by which we provide a high-quality service to those who choose to work with us.

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